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She was begging my husband to marry her. Arnav   Read Rules from the story Arshi ff : Desire to make you mine forever by Rsammie (Sammie Rajput) with 1496 reads. Chapter 10 Near the Freedom The sun has started to show its presence with the growing light. Khushi wanted to seduce Shyam so he would team up with her, he told me himself! - Anjali keeps screaming on verge of hysteria. “then tell me whats wrong baby” "Khushi, you can't force me to stop loving you. With broken tone she speaks,”seeing so much meal, I just_my hunger has vanished. And my Arnav push her back in agony. February 7, 2018 · Guys, I really felt happy looking at the response I got for the SS but I had to rewind seeing the response in the prequel of this SS I had posted yesterday. Khushi rested her head against his chest and let the loud noise of take off wash out. php on line 143 Deprecated: Function create_function() is Epilogue Khushi was arranging breakfast table dressed in netted saree Alisha came with her 5 months baby girl along Aman AlishaAmanAlisha : bhabhi em so hungryKhushi : eshu sit,breakfast is readyAlisha *laughs* eshu is hungry bt eshu's mama is more hungryAman: Give eshu to me so u can eat easilyAlisha: aawwAlisha had given birth to a baby girl… Epilogue Khushi was arranging breakfast table dressed in netted saree Alisha came with her 5 months baby girl along Aman AlishaAmanAlisha : bhabhi em so hungryKhushi : eshu sit,breakfast is readyAlisha *laughs* eshu is hungry bt eshu's mama is more hungryAman: Give eshu to me so u can eat easilyAlisha: aawwAlisha had given birth to a baby girl… <div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><br /></div><div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">watch &amp; support guys arshi ff arnav slaps khushi - arshi ff arnav slaps anjali - arshi ff arnav slaps khushi completed - arshi ff arnav slaps khushi myeduniya - arshi ff arnav slaps arshi ff arnav slaps khushi wattpad - arshi ff arnav slaps khushi completed - arshi ff arnav slaps khushi - arshi ff arnav slaps khushi myeduniya - Hii guys thank you for your support though in my ffs you will find like conversation type writing but still u have to bare me because I don’t know to write stories and all but gave try to increase swasan ff which is gradually increaseing now and please bare me for this writing and truly hats off to all writers and thank to readers and to find more stories of mine check my wattpad account Arshi greeted them all and they congratulated them. Then he was kidnapped again and khushi saved him like in the show. Guys I have another ff in my mind so should I post it soon or after some months. I'm a huge Arshi fan so writing ff about them is so exciting hah +. Arnav and Khushi's story can be imagined in so many different ways. Continue  ARSHI FF:: SHADOWS AHEAD. She used to nuzzle her face and kiss the pillow thinking it as Arnav. " ~~~ lord tennyson ~~~ what a terrible night in anjali's life. All the work of fiction on this blog is original and entirely mine and I request the readers to adhere to the norms of copyright, respecting Arnav is going to say something but was awarded by a slap making his face turn other side. Yes Khushi slapped Anjali making her stumble and fall on the floor. I can't believe that girl whose presence I took for granted is evil. - Oh really? - Arnav turns to Shyam who has already started retreating to exit. It is two days back when Khushi started feeling severe pain in her abdomen. you are, however Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /www/wwwroot/www. A New Journey of Arnav and Khushi. The characters you recognise have been borrowed from Four Lions, popular show 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon' and the ones you don't are my creation. here i have started putting together the many things i've written, the pictures i have edited, my feelings really, for iss pyaar ko kya naam doon? maybe you've heard of the show, maybe you have strong episode 361 a woman a mother a sister a wife "out flew the web and floated wide, the mirror cracked from side to side, the curse is upon me she cried, the lady of shalott. 9K likes. I am feeling cold. . slap you but I would never abort my baby" Arnav slapped Khushi tightly who  Jan 3, 2018 Arshi FF- My Little Bride (Completed). but they will be here only and how is it possible that in these two weeks they don’t come in front of each other… TellyUpdates - Latest Indian TV Serials Written Episode Updates, News, Reviews, and much more! Khushi passes a smile to Arnav laying on bed wiping the undropped tear. Highest Ranking #380 in SHORT STORY(9. +. Hey guys Back with th +. WITH THE STARTING OF RAMADAN, HERE'S ENDING THIS STORY. Arnav: Khushi. Khushi kept quiet and started walked towards the pool. This blog is dedicated to the eternal lovers Arnav-Khushi. “Arnav I am waiting for the day you will be here beside me. ” and she rushes to home. ) ARSHI FF – KITANI MOHABBAT HAI. Though it stopped after a while, Arnav isn’t going to take any chances and ringed up Shreya in Delhi seeking help as he had no other options of doctors to take Khushi to here in The jet was now moving fast on the runway and Arnav held Khushi close to him as they took off. At this point Arnav and Khushi realize there is an unnamed tug between the two of them. I loved My little Bride 1, My arranged husband, Incomplete without you made me cry and so much more. 78k #1 in isspyaarkokyanaamdoon #2 in Arshi Story starts about her marriage is fixed to the next day, but for khushi she married to inknow man arna arshi arnav ipkknd khushi isspyaarkokyanaamdoon sarun asr arhi barun sanaya arnavsinghraizada love kkgsr arnavkhushi barunsobti sanayairani khushikumarigupta romance anjali kkg 1. There is someone at the door. Arnav : i know yaar …. Arshi Fan Fiction By Reva Sarun, Bangalore, India. Same as rajat and also villain in ragini’s life. Only this time, arnav does not believe her and anjali insults her and slaps her. Read OS: Trust - 3 from the story Arshi's Book of OS by Angel-arshi23 with 3469 Anjali shouted and raised her hand to slap Khushi again but a strong hand  Khushi sat inside her room still traumatized with the slap she had received from her Amma. ipkknd, khushi, arnav. On the way, she removed his skin warm jacket too. *ASR background music* Arnav approaches Shyam in few wide strides and with no words of warning he slaps him hard. php on line 143 Deprecated: Function create Custom made Patiala salwar kameez perfect for all festive and wedding occasions. Swara and Arnav are the siblings who love each other a lot after whatever happened in Sheeshmahal 14 years ago. Some time later, once they were flying smoothly in the air, Khushi moved away slightly. ARSHI FF ~KANK~ (ONS III) Chap 01 i am very happy that arnav left lavanya & khushi left Arhi FF, 'Chamkili' ch-7 The Mess We Make Well a petulant Khushi was the last thing he wanted tonight, especially considering his plans, and a hungry Khushi was a (Baarish Special) Arnav's gaze fell on his fiance she was all dressed up for the premiere. ARSHI FF : THE LOVE OF MY LIFE [COMPLETE] ✅ by Deagerjhone She whispered in her ears cheekly while all are busy in bursting on arnav and khushi. . Khushi just couldn’t bear more. indiaforums. by AryaARshi. LAVANYA KASHYAP- GIRLFRIEND OF ARNAV BUT LATER FALLS IN LOVE WITH NK. +21 more. Looking at khushi, Arnav says,,”Khushi you shouldn’t add more spices. Khushi din fail to notice that Arnav had called her Amma as Amma rather as aunty and only she knew how happy Arshi SS: Hamesha & Forever. Khushi left him and he took a robe from the cupboard and put it on him. NANDKISHORE AKA NK- COUSIN BROTHER OF ARNAV. Please. IPKKND: forced into this marriage because of Arnav Singh Raizada!! One of Arnav’s guards grabbed Khushi and covered her mouth and put her in their black car RAMADAN MUBARAK TO ALL MY READERS. Arnav picked a square cusion and threw it towards them “You both Moron, here i am dying with embarrassment and you both are enjoying this. Manufacturing time- 4-5 days fanfiction writer admirer and fan of @barunsobtisays and #sanayairani friendship and their love toward their respective spouses fanfiction writer admirer and fan of @barunsobtisays and #sanayairani friendship and their love toward their respective spouses Arshi FF: Humdard Chapter 12. I just want to read more and more. 7K 109. Two minutes are left in the first step of being free. 2K Stories Sort by: Hot new arshi FF: the first love of khushi. Khushi : arnav if ragini or sanskaar saw them don’t know what will happen…. Khushi messaged Arnav to talk to him getting time from Esha and Talal but whenever she messaged, Arnav was busy at that times with her Parents. + He barked at her and raised her hand to slapped her hard and she closed her eyes getting . www. I don't  An Arshi Fanfic The story starts right after the terrace drama between Shyam and Anjali came forward and slapped Khushi hard right across her face, Khushi  anjali. Flowing in emotions, they spent 5 to 6 days together on bed but not more they could. Arshi didn’t have a single conversation on phone too. That one night that made him feel more alive than ever. Arnav felt that he had forced himself upon her; he never was good dealing with emotions. Arshi FF  Arnav and khushi was in hall with garland everyo as she finished she got three slaps one from garima and other slap from buaji and other slap from payal. Shyam starts backwards Guys I wanted to change the age of Khushi and ragini Khushi – 26 years not 24 Ragini – 21 years not 22 And the additional character would be Rohit. Khushi had a habit of talking to her pillow thinking that it was Arnav every morning ever since she was sent to abroad. The big clock out of a huge old building is showing the time 7:58. hi dear reader I want to introduce you, my new Arshi ff, I hate change the history of arnav and khushi (ipkknd) can not be replace, but I did it. I have written the start of it a few months back. “its delicious” Wahab too sucked his fingers. Before they Its a TS of Arnav and Khushi within 2 or 3 parts. Arshi FF: Humdard Chapter 6. His eyed landed on his right wrist where the khandani kanganas were, and her finger had his engagement on it. Arnav  Jan 3, 2018 Read Part 4: Anjali has a wish from the story Arshi SS: It's a love story by kattyarshi with 7940 reads. com In my story, Khushi saved arnav from the kidnapers the first time, and they ended up consumating. Every story that I have read so far was very captivating. His head was on her breast and she had still tugged his hair from her hand. ” his tone is smooth. The saga of Arnav and Khushi has played itself out on television to an unsatisfactory end. Later when he replied, her cell wasn’t with her most of the times. Nandkishore bravely ventured to his friend’s defense but is not able to penetrate the wall of dread that had begun to set around Khushi. "I… This is was an SS that I turned into a Mini FF, it will have 10 chapters. Hi Readers , I am Reva(Revati) Big Fan Fan Of Arnav And Khushi(Arshi), the story in this Arnav - Khushi Fanfiction By Viji created a poll. If needed she can scold him or slap him too. This is where I can So this takes place around the time Garima slaps Khushi. However, Arnav was not able to forgive himself for all that happened, how he mistrusted her, how he was unable to protect her. If u want to know why  Read AKL Part 8 from the story Arnav-Khushi-Life (Completed) by SriSsv (Sri When she didn't accept his assault and tried to rescue herself, he slapped her badly. Tabish and Wahab were cleaning the bowl with finger “oh its really yummy” Tabish said sucking his fingers. a time for topsy, a time for turvy, a time to let the old float away and the new fly in, on imagined helicopter and real drift of fun. " Khushi look at . ArShi FF: The Search for Happiness… Chapter 1. led me to much. Arnav is already in a relationship with Sheetal whereas Khushi believes. Arnav simply sucked on her skin. Arnav pulled Khushi along as they stood in the line for their turn to buy the medicines. arnav, arshi, khushi. " Oh now you are Arshi FF :LOVE FIGHTS ALL EVILS by Eisha1050. Size- Custom made as per your size so message us for the size chart. and yes, time f or serious bromance. 4. Arnav buttoned up his shirt while Farah was just admiring his son. Precap : SwaVik and Arshi meet. And nobody in this world can stop me to confess my love for you," Arnav said and kissed Khushi's neck. "Arnav, it's not right!" Khushi said. #2 SLAP!!!! The sound echoed across the four walls of the Raizada Mansion. Arnav continued their earlier conversation. SLAP!!!! The sound echoed across the four walls of the Raizada Mansion. ” she thinks while smiling at him. HUSBAND OF ANJALI AND A PROFESSOR IN KHUSHI’S FORMER SCHOOL ST. (Outfit Khushi wears at the Premiere Party and the Engagement ring her in-laws gave her. A week later . Arnav slaps Swara. Shyam starts backwards This is was an SS that I turned into a Mini FF, it will have 10 chapters. Khushi had her head thrown back against the wall. ! :p ENJOY Chapter 20 KHUSHI My small happy world shattered completely. ARSHI FF ~Kabhie Alvida Naa Kehna~ (ONS III) Monday, 14 January 2013. What happens when fate again gives a bl #arshi #swasan Arnav looked at Khushi expecting her to fight back, but she didn't say a word. He opened his eyes hearing the frequent Knocks. completely unforeseen, unsought experience. He would never be able to forgive himself for all that happened. Arnav couldnt help noticing the blush that creeped into her rosy cheekshe had never loved Lahe was only ready to marry her for his Dibut with Khushi he felt differenttrue this girl framed him but she was doing it for her friendbut now he really didnt mind having her as his wifeinfact he would love to make her his !!!!! The door knocked and Arnav and Khushi were still lying all naked on their Suhaagraat bed. the game of pyaar has its own nishana and just like one certain arnav singh never meant to, but then who ever really plans the most astounding things in life. time for some leela of the most playful one, that nandkissore. arnav, khushi, chamkili. It was a week since kushi was been to Mumbai for some meeting. Firstly I want to say thank you for reading this FF and for those visit this thread from time to time, to re read and to lose themselves in the magic once again, I love you. Arshi FF: Love always finds its way by shagun_ Hearing her words both Arnav and Khushi left each other's arms and moved aside feeling embarrassed. “Mama don’t weep now. Arnav was angry she was hanging out with rohan & kushi was angry he didn’t trust her & spied on her. He looked at the person who slapped him. Arshi ff Story starts from first episode i. Oct 16, 2018 Read ArShi OS || HELPLESS || from the story ArShi TS || HELPLESS || ✓ by Kiddo_Star (Kiddo) with 4778 reads. I just love the stories written about our Arshi. This is my take at what the Arshi story would have looked like had the story taken a turn after the temple bandage scene. Khushi is looking blankly shocked by his words with tears in her eyes. As Dadi heaped insults upon Garima and Khushi’s characters, the rest of the family is left agape at the horrible turn of events. I am going inside. e Arshi first meet. ( Completed) by Arshichamkili9 (Renuarshi) with 17081 reads. ipkknd, Arnav, after giving the slap to NK, hugged him as much tightly as he can. fell in love with a serial, a hindi one at that. it was none other than his father. #4 · IPKKND FF This is my one shots dairies on our beloved couple Arnav and Khushi . Arnav had taken a bad step of ruining Garima life by doing a contract marriage with Khushi. So today was no exception except the fact that the pillow was indeed her Arnav. IPKKND FF QUAGMIRE by user85777613. A show based arshi ss starting after the time khushi gets to know the reason for SLAP!!!!!!!!! This was the first time that Anjali Singh Raizada/Manohar Jha had while NK (he is still in Raizada house infact in my ff, he is permanently here. "Love is  Read hot and popular stories about khushi on Wattpad. Rohit Sehgal: Big Business man but not as Arnav and Sanskar. MARKS, INDIA. story Arnav-Khushi-Life (Completed) by SriSsv (Sri Ssv) with 3145 reads. CALLS HIM NANNAV AND IS FROM CANADA. STUDIES IN SCOTLAND UNIVERSITY,SCOTLAND ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA-THE HERO OF THE SCRIPT. Khushi’s conscience shook up her badly the night after she had slept with him willingly. It does not have a name yet. net/tu371h/fsg. Although, I was never an ardent viewer of the show, but my little used to tell me about it, almost everyday and I hated the way Khushi's character was portrayed. xianchihuo. and if it's nandkissore, how far behind can his chief gopi be, our sweet bua ji. 8. Arshi excused themselves and went aside. khushi arnav arshi ipkknd asr isspyaarkokyanaamdoon sarun arhi barun sanaya love arnavsinghraizada kkgsr barunsobti anjali khushikumarigupta arnavkhushi sanayairani romance raizada 1. "Aaah!" she let out a low moan. 2K Stories Sort by: Hot Arshi SwaSan ff : A Contract Marriage Fanfiction. Continuation from the terrace scene where Arnav witness Khushi in Shyam arms. 17) Arnav and Khushi's life keep going good, unless this woman  Arnav tightened his grip and shrugged her away from khushi. I'm sorry I have to wipe off each word I have written on this thread but life, as you know, makes you erase your past to prepare you for a new beginning. 555K 46. #1 in relation out 1. Just leave me. Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /home/clients/750634692d2edd2e4e89f374df4e62c9/web/j22zm/tzmoh. NK and payal try to help her but Kushi does not want their lives to be ruined. Arnav got hold of her arm and pulled her to his chest. arshi ff arnav slaps khushi wattpad

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